LabLink xL Quality Assurance Software

Get reliable QC results faster

with Thermo Scientific™ Auto-Connectivity Software

Hands-Free and Real-Time QC

  • QC results are uploaded to Thermo Scientific™ LabLink xL™ software instantly.
  • Compatible with most platforms.
  • Fully automatic QC data transfer to LabLink xL software. No manual entry required.
  • Increase confidence in results with error-free data submission.

Faster Access to Peer Comparison

  • Monitor global peer data alongside your lab's QC data in real-time.
  • Troubleshoot faster with instant access to performance metrics such as Westgard Rules and Sigma Score.
  • Get patient results out faster and more reliably with real-time access to QC results.

Secure and Easy to Setup

  • Easy to setup within a few hours. Talk to your Thermo Fisher Scientific specialist for more information.
  • Only quality control data is sent to LabLink xL. No patient data enters LabLink.
  • Password protection and TLS encryption keep all data safe.

Three Ways to Connect


QC data directly from your instrument(s)

  • Auto-Connectivity software can capture data directly from instruments that support the LIS-1A (formerly ASTM E1381) protocol, which happens to be most of them.

QC data from your Laboratory Information System or Middleware

  • Auto-Connectivity software can interact with your L.I.S. or Middleware to extract QC data.

QC data from a file

  • Auto-Connectivity software can automatically upload QC data files (e.g. CSV or TXT) generated by your lab and send them to LabLink xL software.
  • If you routinely export data files or have a custom or centralized server to manage QC files, this option may work best for you

How It Works

  • Auto-Connectivity software must be installed on a computer within your lab network and must have an internet connection
  • Your L.I.S., Middleware, or instruments transmit results to the software
  • The software looks for results that are flagged as QC results, and discards all other data
  • QC results are then transmitted to your LabLink™ software account
  • No manual data entry required

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